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Taps: more than just design

A kitchen tap undergoes intensive use: daily average use is nineteen times with water consumption of around sixteen litres. This means that the decision to buy should be based on more than just beautiful design.

Ideal taps

It is advisable to opt for durability when looking for taps. The ideal taps are a combination of design and function. A tap should be easy to use. The general rule is: the more expensive the tap, the better the quality. Reginox gives a 5 year warranty on its taps. 

Tap fitting is important Not only the tap itself, but also tap fitting has an effect on the look and feel. Many taps can be fitted directly on the worktop or wash basin, but they can also be fitted in the wall. Three-hole taps for the kitchen exist that enable knobs to be fitted separately beside the taps.

Taps with short or long outlets

Generally, kitchen taps have longer outlets than bathroom taps to enable high-sided pans, such as soup pans to fit underneath. The outlet can usually be rotated and is sometimes also adjustable. Obviously, an outlet should never be larger than the breadth and depth of the sink unit, but should always provide sufficient space for large pans and colanders. An extendable hand-held or washing-up showerhead is very convenient in these cases.