Cleaning agents

Inox Care

You should use Inox Care to clean, maintain and protect our stainless steel products. This paste can be used to polish the stainless steel surface, make stains disappear, and help stainless steel regain its lustre.


Regi-Clean oil coating

Regi-Clean descaler

Regi-Clean oil-coating protects the sink from dirt, stains and fingerprints. Cleaning becomes much easier with Regi-Clean oil coating. Suitable for sinks made of stainless steel, granite and ceramic, as well as coated and PVD sinks.

Regi-Clean descaler cleans hygienically and gives a bright shine. Uses include taps, sinks, cabinets, acid-resistant tiles, worktops, glass
and plastic surfaces. No more limescale thanks to this descaler.
Regi-clean oil coating