The Clean & Care collection has been especially designed by Reginox for environments where specific stainless steel sinks are mandatory. These environments include dentists, hospitals, medical practices, bars, restaurants, public restrooms, petrol stations and large office buildings. With the Clean & Care sinks, hygiene and practicality are our top priorities. Many of our Clean & Care sinks are produced without an overflow and with a variety of plug options. Our models can be produced using 304 stainless steel as standard or in 316 stainless steel (which is only applicable on a selection of sinks). By using the 316 grade stainless steel these sinks can withstand liquids such as chlorine or corrosive acids. The sinks are coated with molybdenum, a silvery-white metal that is very ductile and has a very high melting point. All available from stock!


Our Clean & Care sinks are especially designed and produced to guarantee optimal hygiene.


In a society where hygiene and frequently washing your hands is custom, a matching tap is an indispensable addition to the sink. The Chena tap is especially available for this purpose. Fully operable with your elbow for optimal hygiene.


You can add a standpipe to your Clean & Care sink. This standpipe can be used (and placed) in the same space where a strainer would normally be fitted. The greatest advantage is that when using a standpipe the water in the sink is continually refreshed whilst the sink remains full. The top of the standpipe is open, as a result the water can easily flow through the drain.