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I'm looking for a colander for my sink. Which one do I need?

A new and fitting colander is a pretty attachment to your sink. The right choice depends on which sink is in the kitchen. The best you can do is to compare your current colander with the colanders on our website. If you are still having problems finding the right one, please contact us via

The rubber on my strainer/plug is broken. Is this still available in your product range?

We recommend that you contact our customer service. They might be able to help you. We only have our complete drainer and strainer sets in our productrange. If you don’t live in the Netherlands or Belgium, you can order this via our customer service.  

What can I do to keep my sink clean?

You can keep your sink unit clean by cleaning daily with warm water and standard washing-up liquid. Using Reginox Inox Care once a week to clean the sink more thoroughly, this will help to maintain the appearance of the sink unit for longer. Apply Inox Care to a damp sponge and clean in a rotating movement towards the sink unit’s waste outlet. Your sink unit should be gleaming again after using Inox Care.

Is it possible to prevent scratches appearing on stainless steel?

Scratches on stainless steel cannot be prevented. The scratches will be visible at first but will become less prominent over time through daily use. We recommend using Inox Care for maintaining stainless steel.  

The strainer/plug is not listed in your product range on the website. Do you have more types available? 

No, no more types are available. All the available strainers/plugs are listed in our product range on our website. If your strainer/plug is not listed there, then you will have to purchase a new waste. For further information, please send an email to stating your contact details. Please also state which type of sink you have. If you do not know which type of sink you have, then send a top and side view photograph of the sink along with your email.

Can I install an integrated sink unit into an already existing kitchen? 

We would recommend that fitting an integrated sink into an existing worktop is only carried out by a fully qualified/experienced worktop fabricator.  Ideally integrated sinks should be fitted into appropriate worktops prior to installation into the kitchen. Always check with a qualified worktop expert before making your final decision.

How can I remove rust points out of my sink? 

Normally sinks won’t rust, but occasionally it may happen that small brown dots appear in a sink. These are caused by exterior influences. The brown dots are caused by iron particles ending up on the stainless steel. These iron particles react with stainless steel, creating brown dots. Removing the iron particles will stop the reaction. The brown dots can be easily removed by using Inox Care. Inox Care can be ordered via our webshop (if you live in the Netherlands or Belgium) on this website. Otherwise contact our customer service.

What is the warranty on my Reginox sink unit?

For a detailed overview of the warranty provisions, please refer to the General Terms & Conditions on this website.

When I order a product, how does it work? 

If you ordered a product on our website, we send the package within 1 to 3 business days. U will receive an order confirmation. 

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