''I could never endorse products I don't believe in myself...”

Who is...

Thirty-six-year-old Janine Köhler is originally from Germany. She lives in Groenlo together with her boyfriend and their pets. In her free time, she likes to make city trips or go out with friends. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves to be surrounded by other people. That comes in handy in her new role as account manager field service. 


Janine joined Reginox in April of 2018. In a vacancy, she saw that the company was looking for someone fluent in German. A short time after, she was hired as a commercial staff member in the back office for the German market. “I would draw up offers, process orders and complaints and perform various translation duties. The daily interaction with clients via email or telephone left me wanting more. The position of account manager - for the region of North Rhine-Westphalia and part of Lower Saxony - presented an excellent advancement opportunity.”

Visit clients

These days, she actually visits clients in person. In her new role, she can make good use of the technical expertise she acquired during her time in the back office. She also focuses on maintaining client relations and elevating them to the next level. “I feel this is easier to do during a face-to-face meeting. The same goes for dealing with problems. I also want to boost Reginox’s brand recognition in Germany. Although we are a market leader in the Netherlands, there is still a lot of untapped potential on the German market. I want to convince clients of the high quality of our products and services. By building a good working relationship and actually delivering that quality, I hope to attract more and more clients to Reginox.” 


Although the German kitchen industry is predominantly a man's world, Janine is always given a warm welcome and she doesn't feel the need to prove herself. “I believe the men actually like sitting down for a meeting with a woman for a change. With my heritage, I am also finely attuned to the German mindset. Especially when it comes to promoting new products: I feel I have just the right touch for that.” That makes Janine a valuable asset for the company. As a people person, she loves a good and honest conversation.


“What Reginox has to offer me? A very fun job with a lot of variety and freedom. I can structure my days however I like, without having to answer to anyone. Our company offers top-quality products, which is something we can all be proud of. That makes the sales process a lot easier as well. I could never endorse products I don't believe in myself.” She also sees Reginox as a very social and warm family business. People genuinely care about each other and feel a strong sense of responsibility for each other. The various team-building activities that the company organizes for its staff certainly contribute to that as well.


“It is also nice to know that the company believes in you. Last year, I got to represent Reginox for a whole week during a German trade show, even though I had only just moved up to my new position. It feels good to have that kind of trust put in you.” The role of account manager is perfect for her. Although she also does some back-office work due to understaffing, she hopes to dedicate herself entirely to her field-service work in the near future. Where does she see herself in five years’ time? She has no specific ambitions to climb the corporate ladder. “My current job gives me all the satisfaction I need. I feel valuable when I talk to clients and can help solve problems. I hope to still be doing that six years from now,” she laughs. “What I'm trying to say is that I feel right at home where I am and I love my job very much.”